Why You Should Try Stretch Classes

Achieving fitness results comes in many forms. When you think of a workout, your mind probably jumps to an intense cardio session or a weight-lifting set at the gym. Though these are brilliant for achieving a lean body, more targeted sessions are also required for the best results.

Stretching is key for keeping muscles flexible, strong and healthy, which is why stretching classes London-based are so popular.

What is a Stretch Class?

Most people will carry out a quick warm-up and cooldown around their workouts, but more dedicated stretching time is required to maintain strong muscles. This is usually the step that people like to fly past and just go through the motions of, but this can result in bad posture and possible injuries.

A stretching class is dedicated to working each muscle to promote long-term strength and health.

What are the Benefits of Stretch Classes?

  • Reduce the risk of injury

Stretching improves flexibility and overall mobility, making working out easier and reducing the chance of injuries occurring. A good stretching routine will loosen up your muscles enough to make moving easier while protecting joints and ligaments.

  • Improve blood flow to muscles

Strong blood flow improves oxygen flow in the body, making for a healthier workout. This also strengthens all muscles in the body, ensuring that they remain strong at all times, not just in the gym.

  • Natural pain reliever

Stretching releases endorphins which do not just improve mental health but also act as a natural way to reduce pain physically. Stretching also soothes tension and helps to repair muscle damage in a supportive way.

  • Keeps you feeling young and strong

Stretching can be likened to a natural way of promoting youthful qualities, ensuring our bodies remain full of life and agile. One of the key signs of ageing is mobility issues, which good stretching routines can greatly minimise as people get older.

You should also consider that muscles include organs vital to living healthily. A professional stretching class will improve your body’s strength, leaving you feeling fantastic.

  • Great for relaxation

Just like any other form of workout, stretching is a natural stress and anxiety reliever.

Brilliant for fighting tiredness and mental health-associated low moods, stretching is a treat for the body and the mind. This is because the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, offering additional benefits such as improved digestion and better sleep.

Stretch Class with Irina K Fitness

Hopefully, now you understand just how important stretching is. The benefits are plentiful, whether incorporating it into another workout routine or participating in a focused class.

Always stretch safely with a professional, as an improper form could do more harm than good. If you’re looking for stretch classes near you, Irina K Fitness provides a Signature Stretch session in the London area.

Perfect for all abilities and ages, this class is designed to strengthen your body, boost your mood and make working out fun again. Get in touch today to book your session.

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