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Having a toned body is more than just losing weight.

When you have a beautifully toned body you feel more confident and have a clearer mind.

To achieve your toning goals, you must be ready to do anything – from strength training to toning Pilates, cardio workouts, stretching exercises, HIIT, Reformer Pilates and more. Irina will create a bespoke fitness program individually designed for you.

What is Muscle Tone?

This refers to having a low percentage of body fat with sufficient muscle mass so that your muscles become more visible – the less body fat you have the more toned you look.

The Irina K Fitness Tone It Up Program is for every man and woman, from all walks of life. You can do it anywhere; at home, in a hotel, while travelling, at a park, or even in the office!

Once you have signed up to Irina’s body toning program, she will ensure that you get into the most beautiful and toned shape of your life.

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Book your bespoke Tone It Up Program with Irina K Fitness today. Irina is known for her unique approach to fitness and signature style that she has developed from years of personal training, as well as her gymnastic background.

Available online or in person across Central London including Holland Park, Knightsbridge, Belgravia, High Street Kensington, South Kensington, Chelsea and Hamstead area.

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