Exercise and Mental Health: How They Can Help You on Your Weight Loss Journey


Fat loss can be something that controls our lives. In fact, 52% of adults say they are trying to lose weight through diet and fitness. At Irina K Fitness, I believe that anyone can lose weight but that different things work for different people. Considering mental health is essential for creating long-term positive connections with exercise to give you the lean body of your dreams.

Keep reading to learn why.

How Can I Lose Weight?

Personal training exercises for weight loss are the most effective way to shed those pounds. That is because you are given a unique training plan which targets your primary areas of concern. This service also often considers your personal situation, with an expert trainer tasked with understanding your lifestyle and how they can make it better for you.

Other ways that personal training for weight loss can help you out are as follows:

  • Improved accountability (no more excuses!)
  • Realistic goals can be set
  • Injuries are taken into account
  • Diet is also factored into plans

How Can I Maintain Weight Loss?

Losing weight is just one part of the battle, as ongoing weight management is where most people struggle. Weight loss and maintenance require a routine which stems from positive exercise experience.

The drive to carry on with positive exercise routines comes from mental determination. 67% of women and 51% of men say they struggle with motivation to go to the gym. I think introducing mental training into weight loss programmes is essential. Not only does this help you maintain a loss, but it also improves your mental resilience in other parts of your life.

How Are Mental Health and Exercise Linked?

  • Exercising releases endorphins which are a positive hormone responsible for improving moods. By relating a positive feeling to working out, the two become intricately linked as being accountable for each other.
  • These same chemicals also improve self-esteem, which means you are more likely to feel a sense of achievement from losing weight. This instils positive recognition, meaning the person training can recognise how far they have come.
  • Exercise also improves mental clarity, which makes decision-making, working, and everyday tasks much more manageable.
  • It is also a natural stress reducer which can have a physical and mental impact.

Is Exercise Alone Enough to Lose Weight?

This really does depend on the individual, as each experience is personal.

Working out and eating clean is enough for some to lose weight and create healthy routines. However, the mind is complex, so consulting with a weight loss specialist is also an excellent idea for some people.

A weight loss specialist can unlock the real reasons you struggle with achieving your goals if the process does not seem simple for you. Weight loss counselling helps remove mental blocks and obtain the clarity needed to reach your full potential. If you require further help from a registered psychologist on your weight loss journey, we recommend contacting City Psychological Services, which offers weight loss counselling in London.

Ready to Lose Weight?

I specialise in helping people achieve lean and toned bodies underpinned with mental resilience. If you want to burn fat and feel positive, why not try the Irina K Fitness Weight Loss & Fitness Blender Program?

Offering a sustainable way to lose weight, this workout routine lets you focus on mental and physical agility simultaneously. With mental health having a strong impact on our bodies, the best way to achieve the results you are after is to combine both in a new healthy routine.

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